Labor Rates: (Minimum 1/2 hour)  1985 and newer models: $80 / hr
1984 and earlier: $80 / hr

Oil Change: Half hour labor + parts (*Extra charge if removal of exhaust or disassembly of bike is required)

Tire Change: Call For Current Pricing
(*Extra charges for removal of exhaust, Axle covers, saddlebags, Valkyrie/Goldwing, etc.)

Exhaust: Hourly Rate

Jet Kit, Tuning, or Carb Clean:

Full Service: Two hours labor + parts Includes:
*Inspect Air Filter, service/replace as required
*Primary Fluid
*Adjust Primary Chain
*Transmission Fluid
*Adjust Final Drive Chain/Belt
*Check Tire Pressure
*Check/Tighten all Fasteners
*Lube/Adjust Clutch/Throttle/Speedo Cables
*Check Brakes – pads/discs/fluid
*Check/Adjust enrichener
*Inpect Oil lines, Fuel system, and brake system
*Check all electrical equipment & switches
*Change spark plugs
*Service Battery/Check Charging System
*Check ignition timing (XL only) and vacuum hose
Extended Service: Four hours labor + parts Includes:
*Full service (see above for itemized list)
**Neck(Steering Head) Bearings if appropriate
**Wheel Bearings
**Fork Fluid
**Check stabilizer links and engine mounts

Wiring –
In Handlebars:
Hourly Rate (*Extra charge if wires need extending
Does not include throttle cable,clutch cable, or brake line)

Wiring –
Complete Bike:
Call for Price Harness & Warranty Included

Lace & True Wheel: Call for Price (80 or more spokes may be higher)

Custom Fabrication and Welding One-Off parts, frame modifications, etc. Call for details and estimate