If you don’t have the right tools you cannot properly tune today’s high performance motorcycles. 
Cycle Stop’s experienced dynamometer technicians, coupled with the finest dyno in the business,
add up to you getting your money’s worth.
Anything less is just spinning your wheels!
Click here for Dyno Facts, Myths, and FAQIn stride with our commitment to being on the cutting edge of motorcycle performance and technology,
Cycle Stop is happy to announce its brand new DynoJet 250i.

We can accurately calibrate fuel and injection maps as well as diagnose run and drivability issues —
and it’s all done in a controlled environment with road simulation done right in the shop.

Cycle Stop has trained technicians for dyno runs, analyzation and tune ups,
whether you need it for racing or just want to get the most out of your investment.

The 250i is a new standard in terms of Dynos.
Equipped with a real time torque meter, oxygen sensor, and Eddy current load control,
while most dynos are an inertia only type, this dyno allows for real world load testing.

Our trained technicians are able to load test at any RPM setting to fine tune all RPM ranges and throttle settings.
We can measure horsepower and torque in real time, steady state.
We have also added a new fuel-air ratio monitor and torque cell monitor, giving us the ability to fine tune your motorcycle.

Dyno Session Options:
Baseline Dyno Run
Includes readings of horsepower, torque and air/fuel ratio
Three runs are done to ensure consistency

Step Test
Tests at incremental RPM settings – great for troubleshooting and diagnostics

Tuning Session
Custom EFI tuning, cam timing, ignition timing, etc. Price includes labor & dyno time.

Air/Fuel Management Hardware Tuning
Takes an existing or base map and fine tunes it to YOUR vehicle.
What can be tuned:
DynoJet Power Commander
Vance & Hines Fuel Pak (not recommended, difficult to fine tune)
Custom Chrome DFO
Cobra Fi2000 fuel processors
Daytona Twin Tec controllers
Screaming Eagle Race Tuner (SERT) – will usually take about 4 hours to tune properly
Thunder-Max ECM – with or without Auto Tune module
Carburetors – often take longer than two hours to tune

Photos of the Build
This room doubles as a bomb shelter…

DynoJet 250i Dynamometer

Dyno Run Images

2006 FLHR Road King
Vance & Hines Big Shot Duals
Arlen Ness Big Suck Kit
Power Commander
Gained 6.6 HP (+ 11.05%)
Gained 5.91 Torque (+9.18%)

Thundermax AutoTune Module
No hardware changes – only tuned in new map
Gained 7.18 HP (+11.09%)
Gained 9.72 Torque (+12.09%)

2008 Softail Deluxe
Vance & Hines Slip Ons
Arlen Ness Big Suck Kit
Power Commander
Gained 3.18 HP (+ 4.83%)
Gained 3.49 Torque (+4.46%)

2007 FLHX Street Glide
103″ big bore kit
S&S 585 Gear drive cams
Roller rockers
Rhinehart True Duals
Zippers breather with Nitrous
Thundermax auto tune module
No hardware changes for this run – blue line is NOS